Hiwet music center is a social enterprise committed to using music to educate children from both affluent and underprivileged communities in Ethiopia with focus from 0 -10 years of age. We aim to empower children to become key actors of Ethiopia. With our tailored music lesson program, music books, and YouTube channel, we aim to create disciplined, confident, and cultured children with improved social, physical, and academic skills.

Hiwet Music center, formerly known as hiwet piano or Hiwet children songs is a pioneer in using music for children’s growth. Our decade of experience allowed us to understand kids’ and parents’ needs so as to continue being the number one choice. 

We teach children through music and we spend time researching indigenous old folks and stories and rephrase and rewrite to best suited for child age.  Our books and music production are based on world class standards and quality. And we always use different mechanisms to make our approach more engaging and parent – children interactive.

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